Product Features
  • Rigid construction bed is induction hardened over HRC50 and with precision ground.
  • D1-8 Camlock spindle nose, Ø85 mm spindle bore
  • 18 speed 25-1550 rpm
  • Headstock Gears and spline shafts are hardened and ground for high speed running at low noise
  • Spindle supported at precision taper roller bearings
  • 10 HP 3Ø main motor 220V /380V
  • Apron lead screw/feed rod reverse
  • Turcite-B carriage and cross slide ways
  • Low voltage controls
  • Shot system to carriage, X slide & screw
  • Double independent control of longitudinal and cross feeds.
  • Universal gearbox design allows easy selection of inch and metric threading
  • Full length foot brake & splash guard
  • One piece machine stand


Heavy duty geared head with forged alloy steel spindle mounted on three taper roller bearings - using two taper adjustable roller bearings and one straight roller bearing.
All gears and shafts are hardened and ground supported by bearings


Wide bed and box constructed, bed ways are high frequency heat treated, precision ground which can be avoided vibration and tool chattering during made heavy duty processing


The Spindle with forged alloy steel spindle mounted on three taper roller bearings - using two taper adjustable roller bearings and one straight roller bearing.


A wide range of both Inch /metric threads without changing any end train gears turn on anti-friction bearings-mechanism runs in oil bath.


Wide, full-length cross slide externally dove-tailed for quick and easy mounting

Turcite Anti-Friction Material Under the Cross Slide Ways

EV series

Electrical box show for Variable Speed:

3 gear speed ranges
Electronic control panel with rpm display, light indicator for high, mid and low speed ratio, speed control electric knob, emergency switch and motor start push button
Equipped with similar CSS function


KC-2140 / KC-2160 / KC-2180 / KC-21120

KC?2100 Series
2140 2160 2180 21120

Height of centers 270 mm
Swing over bed 540 mm
Swing over cross slide 360 mm
Swing in gap 720 mm
Distance between center 1000/1500/2000/3000 mm
Cross slide travel (X) 330 mm
Compound rest travel 150 mm
Spindle Nose D1?8 (Std.), D1?11/A1?11 (Opt.)
Spindle bored (std) O85 mm
Spindle bored (opt) Ø105 mm
Taper of Spindle Nose MT No.6 x No.4 for D1?6, MT No.7 x No.5 for D1?8
Spindle speed range (rpm) 25 - 1550 rpm (O85mm) Standard
23 - 1300 rpm (O105mm) Option
15 - 830 rpm (O155 mm) Option
Spindle Speed 18 steps
Inverter type (Option) (O105mm):
(similar to CSS function) H: 1500~331
M: 330~93
L: 92~20
Tailstock quill travel 170 mm

Tailstock quill diameter

75 mm
Tailstock quill taper No.5 MT
Bed width 350 mm
Lead screw

4 TPI or 6 mm/pitch

Metric pitch threads 0.5 - 7 mm/pitch (24 kinds)
Inch pitch threads 4 - 56 TPI (36kinds)
Module pitch threads 0.25 - 3.5 M (16kinds)
DP threads 8 - 112 P (36 kinds)
Range of longitudinal feeds 0.06 - 0.88 mm/rev.
Range of cross feeds 0.03 - 0.44 mm/rev.
Spindle drive motor (AC) 10 HP: Std. (15 HP: Opt.)
Coolant pump 1/8 HP
Approx. net weight (KGs) 2400/2700/3000/3300

* Specifications are subject to change without notice