Product Features

Superior construction, features and performance

Higher Efficiency, Rigid Structure, Excellent and Stable Accuracy At a Very Affordable Pricing

Mechanical accuracy is based on the flatness less than 5 μm in 1 M²
High rigidity 4 Box Guide ways on base, X Y Z axes Hardened Box Ways

High rigid Cartridge Belt Drive Spind

Largest and rigidity column

the ballscrews and linear ways are lubricated automatically by timer controlled oil injection

24 Tools Swing Arm type ATC

A screw type auger is provided as a standard feature

Double-anchored ballscrews with twin pre-loaded ball nut

Rigid construction

  • Utilizing large heavy-duty Meehanite castings to insure maximun rigidity.
  • Heavy ribbing inside column increases the lateral stiffness for better surface finishes under heavy cutting loads and superior.
  • Four linear guideways provides maximum support for the extra.
  • Specification

    VL-1050, VL-1300, VL-1500
      VL-1050 VL-1300


    Axis Travel X 1050 mm 1300 mm 1500 mm
    Y 600 mm 750 mm 750 mm
    Z 600 mm 650 mm 650 mm
    Spindle nose to table 100~700 mm 100~750 mm 100~750 mm
    Spindle center to column surface 640 mm 750 mm 750 mm
    Table size (mm) 1100*600 1400*650 1700*650
    Table loading capacity 1000 kg 1300 kg 1300 kg
    T-slot configuration 18 mm*5T 18 mm*5T 18 mmx5T
    Taper BT# 40(STD.),CT#40 or DIN-69871A (Opt.), BT#50 (opt.) for VL-1500

    CNC Control System

    Siemens 828d, or FAGOR 8055i FL
    Spindle speed 8,000 rpm (FAGOR 8055i FL MC), 10,000 rpm (Siemens 828D)
    Coolant through spindle Available. Complies with DIN 69871 from B tool holder
    Main motor (con/30 min KW) 12/16 KW, (Siemens), 11/15 KW(Fagor)
    Axes Transmission
    X Y Z Ball screws X-Y-Z:O40*P10*C3 X: O50 x P10 x C3
    Y-Z: O40 x P10 x C3
    X Y Z Rapid feed X-Y axes : 24 m/min, Z axis: 20 m/min
    X Y Z feed rate 10 m/min
    Feed Motor torque (XYZ) Nm 16 / 16 / 16 Nm (Siemens)
    16.5 / 16.5 / 23.5 Nm (Fagor)
    Positioning ± 0.005 (± 0.0002")
    Positioning repeatability ± 0.003 mm (± 0.0001")
    Automatic Toolchanger
    Number of Tools (ATC) 20-station Carousel type (Standard), 24 tools Arm Type.(Optional)
    Tool selection By address code, Random / bi-directional rotation
    Pull stud MAS 403-P40T (45°),CT40 (45°) or DIN 69872 B (45°) P50T (45°)-Opt
    Max. Tool diameter O 80 mm (Carousel type), O 76 mm (Arm type), 240 mm - #50
    Max. Tool weight 6 KGs 15 kgs - #50
    Max. Tool length 300 mm (12") 300 mm (12")
    Tool change time (tool to tool) 6 sec for carousel type, 2.5 sec for arm type(Opt.) 6 sec
    Coolant and Chip Management
    Swarf removal Chip auger (Standard), Chain type Chip Conveyor (Option)
    Coolant Tank Capacity 260 L 320 L 320 L
    Wash Down Option Option Option
    Wash Gun Standard Standard Standard
    Air Gun Standard Standard Standard
    Cutter air blast Standard Standard Standard
    Coolant Through Spindle (20/50 bar) Option Option Option
    Guide Ways
    Way Construction (X, Y, Z) X -Y: Linear Guide ways, Z: box-ways
    Way Size (X, Y, Z) - mm X:#35, Y: #35,
    Z: #35
    X:#30, Y: #25,
    Z: Box-ways
    X:#45, Y: #35,
    Z: Box-ways
    Number of Linear Guides: X axis 2 Guides: X (Roll) 2 Guides: X (Ball) 2 Guides: X (Ball)
    Number of Linear Guides: Y axis 2 Guides: Y (Roll) 4 Guides: Y (Ball) 4 Guides: Y (Ball)
    Number of Linear Guides: Z axis 2 Guides: Z (Roll) Box way : Z Box way : Z
    Number of Guide Trucks: X, Y axis X axis: 4,
    Y axis: 8
    X axis: 6,
    Y axis: 8
    Number of Guide Trucks: Z axis 2 Box ways 2 Box ways
    Machine Dimensions (W x D) (cm) 270*230 cm 360*230 230*385
    Machine height 310 cm 310 cm 310 cm
    Coolant pump motor 1-1/2 HP
    Air required 7 kg/cm (85 psi)
    Machine weight (Approx.) 6,500 kg 7,500 kg 8,500 kg

    * Specifications are subject to change without notice