Product Features

Centre partition for dual load operation [option]
The machines can also equipped with a central guard to allow them to be used as a pendulum non-stop manufacturing system. That eliminates idle time caused by loading and unloading therefore maximizing the use of the machine whether for the production of medium-large size batches or small lots of various pieces

Rigid construction

Long Work-Piece CNC Processing Machining Center


KMV-6000 / KMV-6000XP
  KMV- 6000
KMV- 6000XP
Longitudinal travel (X-axis) 6000 mm
Cross travel (Y-axis) 450 mm (Std), 600 mm (XP series)
Vertical travel (Z-axis) 500 mm (Std), 550 mm (XP series)
Spindle nose to table top 120 - 620 mm (4.7"-23.3") _ Std., 120 - 670 mm (for XP series)
Table size


6000 x 400 (Std)
6000 x 550 (XP)
T-slots (width x No.x patch) 3 x 18 x 100 (Std), 5 x 18 x 100 (XP series)
Max. Table loading capacity 4,000 Kg
Spindle Motor 12/16 KW
Spindle speed range 8,000 rpm (Std) / 12,000rpm or 18,000rpm (Option)
Spindle Taper (standard) BT# 40(STD.), CT#40 or DIN-69871A SK40 (Opt.)
Feed Motor torque (X-Y-Z) 16 / 16 / 27 Nm (3.0/3.0/4.85 KW)
Rapid traverse (X-axis) 30 m/min
Rapid traverse (Y-Z axes) 15 m/min
Cutting federate (X-Y-Z) 1 - 6,000 mm/min
Ball screw diameter X- Axis drive by Rack Gear
Y: 50 mm, Z: 40 mm
Guide ways X-Y-Z: M-45 LINEAR
Positioning JISB6338 ±0.010/300 , VDI 3441 P0.025
Positioning repeatability <0.010 mm (<0.00004")
No. of Tools 24 tools (Standard) , 40 tools (Option)
Pull stud MAS 403-P40T (45°) or PS-CT40 (45°), or DIN 69872 B (45°)
Max. Tool diameter x length Ø80 mm x 300 mm
Max. Tool weight 7 Kg
Tool change time 4 sec (tool to tool)
Power required 32 KVA
Air required 6 kg/cm (85 psi)
Machine weight (Approx) 19,000 Kg

* Specifications are subject to change without notice