• Extra wide bed with flat way and Vee-way, induction hardened and precision ground to HRC 50.
  • Turcite-B anti-friction coating on saddle and cross slide for improved accuracy & wear
  • Precision hand scraped for all mating sliding surfaces and gibes.
  • Hardened & Ground ball-screw with preloaded double nuts, fitted on 60°Xangular contact bearing.
  • Powerful AC Vector spindle drive, provide high power for Constant Surface Speed Cutting.
  • Large bore heavy duty spindle mounted on precision taper roller bearing for heavy cutting.
  • Headstock with three automatic change-over speed-ranges with fully programmable spindle speeds.
  • Heavy duty manual tail-stock with safety switch.
  • AC Servo axes motors and drives provided high Performance.
  • Dual electronic hand wheels allowing unrestricted manual operation.
  • Automatic lubrication to all sliding surfaces and axes ball-screws.
  • Flood coolant system and Halogen work light are as standard.
  • All electric component are built-in an enclosure cabinet and main disconnect switch.
  • Fully enclosed guarding with interlocked sliding doors access to CE standard.
  • Every machine before shipping is inspected by Laser calibrated and cutting & coolant Testing and Undergoes a rigorous 30 hours non-stop running.
  • Integrated FAGOR 8055i TC Control with 11" Color TFT display. Simple as a DRO, Powerful as a CNC,

Rigid construction


KL-2440 / KL-2460 / KL-2480




Height of centers 315 mm (12.2")
Swing over bed 630 mm (24.8")
Swing over cross slide 400 mm (15.7")
Distance between center 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm
Width of bed 350 mm (14")
Longitudinal travel (Z) 750mm 1250mm 1750mm
Cross slide travel (X) 325 mm (12.79")
Spindle Nose ISO D1-8 (Std.), ISO A1-11 (Opt.)
Spindle bored (standard) Ø 85 mm (3-1/8")
Spindle bored (optional) Ø 105 mm (4") or Ø 155 mm (6")
Taper of S/Nose & center MT No.7 x No.5
3-Jaw scroll chuck (Option) Ø 250mm for D1-8, Ø 300 mm for A1-11
Hydraulic Power chuck (Opt.) Ø 250 mm for D1- 8, Ø 300 mm for A1-11
Bar capacity (Power chuck) Ø 45 mm for D1-6 of 8" chuck, Ø 75 mm for D1-8 of 10" chuck, Ø 91 mm for A1-11 of Ø12" chuck
Range of spindle speeds 3 Rang Gears Auto Shifting
Spindle speed (variable) A1-11: (Option) 12" chuck
H: 1500 - 331 rpm
M: 330 - 93 rpm
L: 92 - 20 rpm
Turret tool station 8 station
Standard O.D. tool size 25 mm (1")
I.D. tool size (Max.) 25 mm (1")
Tailstock quill travel 180 mm (7.08")
Tailstock quill diameter 75 mm (3")
Tailstock quill taper No.5 MT
Spindle drive motor 15 HP: Std. (20 HP: Opt.)
Feed Motor torque (Z-X) 12 Nm (Z) / 6 Nm (X) Nm
Coolant pump 1/8 HP, (1/4 HP: up to 2000 mm center distance)
Rapid traverse (Z-X) 8,000 mm/min (315 ips)
Cutting federate (Z-X) 1-4000 mm/min (0-157 ips)
Positioning ±0.010/300 mm (±0.0004/12")
Positioning repeatability ±0.005/300 mm (±0.0002/12")
Power required 20 KVA
Approx. Machine weight (kg) 3200 3500 3800